Tiffany Cowan

      Hello. My name is Tiffany Cowan. I’m a quadriplegic and am ventilator dependent. In 1997, I was in a car accident and broke my neck at the C-4,5&6 level, broke the base of my skull, had 7 staples on the left side of my head, and broke 3 ribs and my left hand. With God’s blessing, I remained able bodied and was fully functional. 
     On Father’s Day 2010, I was involved in a second car accident, which left me paralyzed from the neck down. I was hospitalized from June until November. I am now 100% dependent on nurses, family, and friends to take care of me. Every year, a fundraiser is held to raise money for my continued health and nursing care.

     With the success of the past fundraising events, I was able to raise enough money for the purchase of a stand-up wheelchair, in-home physical therapy, custom hand and foot splints, maintenance of my handicapped accessible van and supplies that insurance does not cover. With upcoming fundraisers, I am hoping to raise enough money for an up to date hospital bed, a newer and more reliable handicapped accessible van, more nursing care that we currently pay out of pocket for, extensive physical therapy at Progressive Strength Recovery located in Irvine, CA, custom made handicapped accessible ramps for easy access in and around the house, and any or all other healthcare related products needed to help me advance in my recovery.
Any and all donations are accepted and thoroughly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and God bless.

Accident photos